Chinese Family Camp 2018

Date: Aug 12 to Aug 19 (Sunday to Sunday).

Location: Camp Greylock at Becket, Mass.Visit

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CFC "Happy Together" Song

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This CFC is the longest-lasting Chinese Family Camp. Originally, five families � the Yuans, Woos, Yens, iangs, and Lees � started the CFC in a house owned by a church in Sharon, Massachusetts, around 50 years ago over Labor Day weekend. The CFC has used the Lincoln Hill Camp facilities Foxboro once. This year's CFC was held at Camp Greylock in the Berkshires in August.Through the years, some elders have gone, kids have grown up and gone to college, and some people have moved away. Nevertheless, CFC has grown to be attended by about 150 people annually, young and old from multiple generations, who now come not only from Greater Boston and Massachusetts, but also from Canada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
The CFC always rents a campgroundfor the ninth week of summer, retaining the campground’s sports and activity staff, kitchen crew, security personnel, and health facility. They never pitch a tent, but have individual cabins that are not Hilton four-stars, but have heat and hot water � that is pretty good. About 25 to 40 families take turns to cook fantastic Chinese meals and a 10 o’clock snack. The days are filled with all kinds of activities, such as arts and crafts, ball games, hiking, water sports, swimming, fishing, boating, movies, dancing, Karaoke, archery, horseback riding, golf, seminars, cultural events, and Tanglewood concerts � you name it, they have it as long as someone wants to be in charge. On Saturday night, there is always a talent show, an award ceremony, and a vote to select the following year’s committee. Read Beatrice C. Lee's article in full

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